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  • November 19, 2017 at 8:24 pm #6737

    Hello Circle of Moms!

    My name is Cyndy Muchine (formerly Langat). I am a full time Business Analyst Consultant, wife and mother of two wonderful children. I currently reside in Lowell. I am published Author and the CEO and founder of Kenya Autism Alliance, a non-profit organization that support parents of children with Autism. Yes, you read right. I have a son with Autism and this is one of the topics I would love to blog about. My husband has been encouraging me to blog and last night I saw this on twitter, yah! I belong to many other Autism support groups because I have great experience with my 15-year-old kiddo.

    Autism has been dressed up as a monster. It is not a monstrous diagnosis but a topic that is seldom discussed. My daughter is older and of course a second mother to my ASD son, who by the way, acts like the man of the house! Autism affects all of us in one way or another. It does not discriminate based on class, race or ethnicity. We have all been touched by this disorder, which I personally find very orderly in some type of way. My son Kyle is very orderly! Go figure?? Autism Spectrum Disorder? WHAT!!

    On a serious note, I am very passionate about supporting parents that have just received an Autism diagnosis. It’s not a journey you want to walk alone. I was that mom! I had no one to guide me on what to do next after hearing the clinical psychologist mention the word “Autism.” I am here to give Autism a makeover because life does not stop when you are given the diagnosis. It’s actually the beginning of many tough days, beautiful days, weak days, and strong days! We just have to know how to navigate them, and with whom to navigate them with. It is not easy but it’s totally doable.

    I have participated in the Autism Walks sponsored by Autism Speaks every year to include Autism Awareness day (April 2) that included the Lowell Police Department and surrounding towns! Now this was the most epic moment of my families’ life. Thank God for Twitter. Thank God Superintendent William Taylor took the lead on this initiative.

    I have found my purpose in life. Loving people, helping people, sharing information that will better their lives.

    Autism is NOT a death sentence and your child can thrive and live life full of hope, love, and happiness if only you give them a chance.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to serve the community with you.

    Blue Love,

    Cyndy Muchine

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