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  • August 4, 2017 at 4:40 am #6466

    Hi!! I’m 24 weeks pregnant and I’m planning to schedule an appointment with a dental care service in Whitby. I need to extract 7 of my teeth as they are severely damaged. I used to brush my teeth 2 times and also floss twice a day. What might be the reason for decayed teeth?
    I know I have to extract my teeth asap but I don’t want to leave it like that. So I’m considering dental dentures from a clinic in my locality. I thought of getting it done after delivery but now I’m not able to tolerate the pain. Also, I’m afraid to take painkillers as I’m pregnant. So I just wonder if it’s possible to get dental dentures during pregnancy. Is there anyone in the same boat? I can barely eat certain things in general which is horrible in this condition. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!

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