Essential Information for Your Nanny or Babysitter

Essential Information for Your Nanny or Babysitter
July 18, 2017 Our Circle of Moms

By: A Local Nanny


In order for your nanny (or sitter) to be as confident and comfortable as possible in your home while caring for your children, it is important that you provide her with all of the tools and information she may need. If your child falls and scrapes a knee, you wouldn’t want your nanny to be in a panic searching your house for ten minutes looking for a band-aid.

In my experience as a nanny, I have had some parents who over-prepare me with a lengthy list of contacts, locations, foods, etc. and others who simply leave me their cell phone number and tell me to text them with any questions. I feel much more at ease when parents over-prepare me and provide me with information that covers any question or problem I could possibly run into rather than just leaving a phone number. This way, I can avoid blowing up their phone while they are at work, dinner, etc. Instead, I can check the informative list that was left and solve the problem myself. Not only does this help the nanny to get acquainted with the house and the family faster, but this also helps you as a parent to be more relaxed while you are out, knowing that you left your nanny well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise.checklist-2077023_1920 (2)

The list you leave your nanny/babysitter should include:

Standard Information:

– Home address

– Family names

– Neighbors’ names


Contact Information:

– Your cell phone number

– Emergency contact: name, address, and phone number

– Nearby hospital: name, address, and phone number


Household/Other Information:

– Child’s allergies

– Where important household items are located: first aid kit, flashlight, fire extinguisher, medicines, etc.

– Regular family rules that should be held in place

– Child’s favorite toys

– Where you will be and an estimated time frame

– Don’t forget to leave an extra car seat available in case of an emergency!

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